Chivatown Post: Gearing up for the Superclasico Edition, Pt. II

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 02: Young fans doing their part for Chivas USA (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

The big game is tomorrow! Chivas USA take on the Los Angeles Galaxy at the Home Depot Center. In the meantime, there's a few news items I wanted to send your way in case you've missed them.

First, the Barra Clasico, or Supporters Group match, is tonight at 6:30 pm at the Home Depot Center complex. The Union Ultras are set to take on the Angel City Brigade, and keep the winning streak and bragging rights for Chivas USA. Unlike the first team, the Chivas' supporters have won five matches in a row. If you are in the area, go check it out and cheer our Goats on! Also, check out the article written by Gabe Dahl on the club's website.

More news after the jump

Here's another article from Dahl about the rivalry and it looks like Chivas players understand the importance of the occasion. The Goats will need every edge they can get Sunday, so let's hope they have the mental edge.

Two big news items in Adam Serrano's article on Heath Pearce from yesterday. First, Pearce may be fit enough to feature in the last two matches, which is great news as the team struggled mightily in the first few matches after his hamstring injury. The second item is that Michael Umana hurt his knee while playing for Costa Rica last week, will not play tomorrow, and may miss the game against Seattle next weekend. I don't want to be a jerk and be glad a player is hurt, but let me say that I will be glad to see somebody else playing in his absence. He's been playing well at right back, but let's see David Junior Lopes and/or Andrew Boyens start at center back in the last two matches.

Serrano also has an article on the league website about Juan Pablo Angel, who will certainly be the main storyline in the superclasico. JPA feels some pressure in this match - can he lead Chivas to a result?

Serrano's doing a good job writing up all the main personnel on the squad this season. Here's a feature on Assistant Coach and Reserve Team Coach Carlos Llamosa. With most of the attention paid to Robin Fraser and Greg Vanney, it is nice to find out a little more about another key member of the coaching staff this season.

Speaking of Chivas USA coaches, will Robin Fraser one day coach Iceland's National Team? What about Azerbaijan? No inside info, I'm just making this up. The reason is that Scott French reports on ESPN that former Chivas coach Thomas Rongen is taking over as coach of American Samoa's National Team. Good luck to him, but probably won't be hearing many headlines as American Samoa is the very definition of "FIFA Minnow." And as French notes, it comes on the heels of Bob Bradley, also a former Chivas coach, taking over as the coach of Egypt's National Team. Honestly, I'm afraid he's biting off more than he can chew, but I admire his willingness to take on a challenge. Good luck to Bradley as well.

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