The Goat Parade's 2012 MLS Predictions: What We Got Right and Very Wrong

One of these teams did make the playoffs, but we picked the wrong team. - Abelimages

We decide to review our preseason predictions, and see what we got right. The answers may surprise you (or not).

Some would argue it would be foolhardy to look back on preseason predictions. After all, they set the predictors up for some laughs and such - how could you have been so wrong?

But we at The Goat Parade have never claimed to be master prognosticators. Also, we found our preseason predictions to be just as funny as you probably will. So let's go back, and see what we got right, what we got a little wrong, and what we got very, very wrong for the 2012 MLS Regular Season.

Let's start with the Eastern Conference. We started off with a bang! Rachna and I both accurately predicted Sporting Kansas City would finish first! Score! Maybe we are better at this than we thought!

In 2nd place, we both picked the Houston Dynamo, who actually finished 5th. Let's call that "a little bit wrong," since they did end up making the playoffs, which I assume was their minimum goal.

In 3rd place, I picked the New York Red Bulls, who finished...3rd! Whoo! I'm really good at this. Rachna picked the Columbus Crew to finish there, silly.

On the other hand, I picked Columbus to finish 4th, and they finished 6th. Rachna picked the Philadelphia Union for that slot. Moving on...

Probably our biggest mistake, although we weren't the only ones in the internets to make it, was picking Toronto FC to finally break the duck, finish 5th, and make the playoffs. They did neither of those things, instead finishing 10th in the conference. Oops!

I picked the Chicago Fire to finish 6th, which was wrong, as they finished 4th. Rachna picked the New England Revolution to finish 6th, so we both whiffed, as Columbus took this position.

We both felt confident that D.C. United would finish 7th, but they had to deviate from our script and finish 2nd. Yeah, we got that one way wrong.

For the 8th spot, I picked the Union, while Rachna picked the Red Bulls. I got the right pick, which in hindsight was pretty crazy, considering nobody predicted Peter Nowak's meltdown before he got fired midseason.

9th place: I picked New England, while Rachna took Chicago. The Revs finished 9th! Wow, I'm really killing it about half the time. But the funniest part is this line I wrote with my selection: "Shalrie Joseph got paid in the offseason, but I think that was necessary, as a midfield without him would have lacked stability." HAHAHAHAHA! You guys, I'm dying right now, partly to prevent myself from crying, and partly because that was such an incorrect statement.

In 10th, we both picked the Montreal Impact, which was a good idea, seeing as they were an expansion team and we didn't foresee the policy of replacing half the preseason squad with old Europeans. They actually finished 7th, while TFC had the "honor" of 10th.

Scorecard - Alicia: 4/10, Rachna: Never mind.

Now, time for the Western Conference:

Rachna predicted the LA Galaxy would finish 1st. I predicted the Seattle Sounders would win the West. We were both wrong, as the San Jose Earthquakes did that.

I picked Real Salt Lake to finish 2nd, which they did, while Rachna was just off and picked Seattle.

The Galaxy were my pick for 3rd, while Rachna went with RSL, so we were both just off, as Seattle took that spot.

Rachna picked San Jose to finish 4th, which in hindsight was a decent pick, while I went with FC Dallas, which wasn't as good. Of course, the Galaxy ended up here.

I took Chivas USA for 5th place, which was obviously horribly wrong, while Rachna went with the Portland Timbers. We both got that one wrong, as the Vancouver Whitecaps ended up getting 5th.

Portland was my pick for 6th, while Rachna went with Vancouver, so she was just off. Dallas actually finished 6th.

In 7th, I went with San Jose, which was probably my worst pick, while Rachna selected Dallas, again missing by just one place. The Colorado Rapids finished 7th.

My 8th pick was Vancouver, while Rachna was off yet again, as she picked Colorado. The Timbers ended up in 8th.

And my pick for 9th was Colorado, while Rachna finished strong by going with Chivas, who did indeed finish 9th. At least you can say this: one of us was probably a bit of a homer, while the other one looked at the cold, hard facts, and saw a last-place finish in the Goats' season. Well done Rachna!

So my average went off a cliff on the Western Conference, as I only got one right, while Rachna bookended her predictions overall with correct selections. Now, how many playoff teams did we correctly predict? We both got six of the 10 playoff teams right, although our selections weren't identical. So if we were betting, we would have done well, but if we were in school, we would have failed badly.

In case you want to look at the preseason predictions in their entirety, you can find them here, here, here, and here.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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