Chivatown Post: Silver Lining Edition

CARSON, CA - APRIL 21: Fraser: Still working on it. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)

I'm not going to lie: there hasn't been a lot of good news surrounding Chivas USA, considering the three-match losing streak. But let's look at some of the news coming out recently, and see if we can't find some optimism, shall we?

Chivas GM Jose Domene is still optimistic the team can make the playoffs this season, as Kevin Baxter notes in his match report over at the LA Times from last Friday's game against the Chicago Fire. It may look unlikely at this stage in the season, but there are a lot of games to be played yet. How's that for a silver lining?

And while there was speculation that Juan Pablo Angel may have suffered a head injury against Chicago, he hasn't been listed on the latest official injury report. So...seems like he's good to go. And Chivas are almost completely healthy heading into Sunday's match against the San Jose Earthquakes, with only long-term absentee Marvin Iraheta out and Ben Zemanski coming back to health quickly after suffering a knee sprain. Options!

As usual, we have the regular quota of good material from beat writer Adam Serrano. From today on the league website, he talks to defender John Valencia, who is eager to stay in the lineup after getting his first MLS action Friday. He showed signs of promise, so hopefully we'll see him again soon.

Fellow Colombian Jose Correa also made his MLS debut against Chicago, and is also looking forward to playing more with the Goats, according to this article from Serrano, also on the league website, from Tuesday.

And here's Serrano's weekly column, also on the league website, from Monday. Robin Fraser tinkered with his lineup and formation against Chicago, but considering the quality of play and result, expect more tinkering in the games ahead.

In the weekly preview video on the club website, Robin Fraser's sigh after he begins to speak is pretty damn heavy. Also, it's nice to see Alejandro Moreno practices drawing fouls in training as well.

Following up on the story from Sunday that Sacha Kljestan won the Belgian League with Anderlecht, Brian Straus over at the Sporting News interviewed Kljestan. It hasn't always been an easy transition for the former Chivas player, but he became a key player for his current team and is fully enjoying the moment.

From Tuesday, U.S. Men's National Team midfielder Jermaine Jones told Dave Zeitlin on the league website yesterday that he has been looking for housing in LA, and is open to playing in MLS down the road. So, you can connect the inevitable dots, but yawn. I'm not getting worked up about it at this point, partly because of Chivas' history and partly because, you know, there's another team that signs old and expensive players from Europe that plays in the area.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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