Chivatown Post: Goodbye Adam and Scott Edition

Jun 23, 2012; Frisco, TX, USA; DK is not happy. Opposing teams don't want to see DK when he's not happy. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

We've entered the dog days of summer, at least as far as Chivas USA is concerned. Although the Goats are missing out on playing some of the hottest days of the year, and getting plenty of rest in the middle of the season, things have kind of slowed down of late. The Open Cup is over, the team is off this weekend, and then the schedule will pick up again in earnest.

While the news isn't as fast as it often is, we're doing a news roundup for a couple of reasons. Not only do we want all of you to stay informed, but we want to acknowledge the departures of a couple of names that have been cited seemingly hundreds of times on this website. First, Chivas USA beat writer Adam Serrano has left his post with to become the LA Galaxy Insider. Meanwhile, Scott French has left ESPN LA, and will not be covering the club on a consistent basis, instead taking over the Galaxy beat at Finally, the new Chivas beat writer for the league site is a familiar face: Luis Bueno, who covered the team for the first four years of its existence. Welcome back Luis to the red and white side of the divide! To both Adam and Scott, thanks very much for your hard work in covering Chivas day in and day out! You have both put out great work about the team and Chivatown will miss seeing you on a daily basis!

So let's start the post with the final posts from both of them. Here is French's recap of the U.S. Open Cup loss from Wednesday. He also briefly mentions the news about Justin Braun, which if you haven't yet heard it, is that he was traded from the Montreal Impact to Real Salt Lake Wednesday. Chivas have another chance of playing him, and we'll have to see if he gets much playing time after this latest switch.

Serrano has his final column concerning the Goats from Thursday on the league website. Dan Kennedy apparently thought the penalty called on Rauwshan McKenzie was baloney, but them's the breaks. Although there was no word on the kind of PK Osvaldo Alonso scored on Kennedy, DK did note that the team was not content to just make it to the semifinals. Great! I think I speak for everyone in saying we are looking forward to the playoff push in the second half of the season.

Although you probably don't want to relive the Open Cup loss over and over again, I would urge you to check out Richard Farley's article following the game over at Pro Soccer Talk. The entire staff puts out great work, despite being a new operation, but Richard's work is consistently great and is well worth a look. I just wish the game had gone a little better for Chivas.

The Guardian also covered the Open Cup games on Wednesday, and Graham Parker and some local folks (full disclosure: I was one of them) recapped the matches, both from journalist and fan perspectives.

The club should be smart and figure out a way to integrate this into their marketing: a video posted on The Atlantic's website today features goats surfing in Orange County, California!

Finally, we leave you with a plug for The Goat Parade's new facebook page! Please visit, like it, and get in the conversation over there! Better yet, start one of your own!

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