Quantifying Supporting your club

We all got into soccer (football) for various reasons. If it's because of family or where you live, there are many ways we have gotten into the sport. Then there's me who got into the sport because I needed something to write about. Either way, we all became fans of our clubs because of who we are and what we think. Now, my question is how can you quantify that. In this corporate world, there's always a new fun way for the club to sap more money out of the fans. And the newest one is to make them pay for the memberships. I know i'm writing this on a MLS blog, and not being a Sbnation blogger, but I was thinking about how we support our clubs. Let me also say this, I don't have a MLS club, just a lot of clubs that I follow, Chivas has been added to it, since I've talked to Alicia on radio, and i love her writing.

I don't get that concept. I mean come on, do you have to spend money to be a fan? Do you have to show up to every game to be a fan? If that's the case, my Father who is a sports nut, isn't a fan. And he's been to more sporting events than most of the people reading this have been. Of course my Dad is staring at 70, so that has something to do with it. I've not been to a sporting event in years, but blog, and am on the radio about game. Does that make me a bad fan? Does it make me a bad fan that I don't pay for memberships? I don't think a fan has to justify their team they support. If you love the club, why tell someone why?

Of course I know, working in sports like I have, know that if a club sees a way to get more money to finance the club they'll do it. But come on, paying to be a member to get discounts for tickets and merch? Come on. There's many supporter clubs out there, heck doesn't Chicago have like 13 of them? I know the Black Army, the Timbers Army, the Crew Union, and the Sons of Ben, are worth it, but why can't you just be a fan and not pledge money? Am I missing something?

It's not that I can't afford it, or haven't figured out how to. I don't see the need. Why pay money to get a discount on tickets or merchandise? Seriously, Ebay, and stubhub is out there. I'm not shilling for either, thought I do love both of them. If you need a jersey or a ticket, you can go online and find them for less than the teams offer. Also you can get a shiny card to fill your wallet easily with a nerd with a AV background. Not hard. Oh and it's not like you get a say in what the club does if you spend the money. These clubs get so much money anyway. It's usually one vote on a society board, and do teams really look at it?

So fans what do you say?

Warning: All content on this block will be unabashedly anti-Galaxy. If you show up here in a David Beckham replica jersey, we will mock you. Openly, and in Spanish.

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