Having two Teams in a big City - I'm a Cosmos fan

I want to thank Alicia for putting the idea in my head about doing more MLS stuff.. I've spoken with on radio and twitter @fakestevenbrandt about becoming a better writer. Those who know me, know I'm a huge footy fan. I've been writing on Liverpool and old time American Soccer for years. I have my own blog, but with respect to this site and SBnation I won't promote it. I was thinking last night after chatting with her on twitter, yet again, about writing, the MLS and this site.. And a topic came to my mind, revolving around Chivas, LA, and having two teams in a market. After the jump I'll tell you why.

I've always been interested in cities that support more than one club, and in America, really the only city is Los Angeles. It's kind of a big annoying older brother, young sister relationship. I'm speaking from experience on this one, I have a younger sister (a writer too), so my sister can feel how Chivas can feel. As she would say "Its ok," But this isn't about her.

I'm an American Soccer fan because of the old NASL. and the New York Cosmos.I'm not old enough to know them (I'm 33). As MLS fans are aware, Don Garber is hellbent on bringing the Cosmos back. He's inching closer by the day. Here's the thing, and this is no slight, how has Chivas done with the Galaxy in town? (Another rip on the old Cosmos, and many who know me, know how much I hate the Galaxy). Not well folks. So why is Garber so pushing the Cosmos brand on the MLS? Why is he so hellbent on MLS 20 being in freaking NYC? It's not like Energy Drink FC (credit Cesar Diaz on that one) has done well anyway, why bring back the Cosmos?

Yeah I know part of it is because of the name, and the marketing. Kind of what Chvias is, and yes I know that Chivas is part of another club (Chivas in Mexico), and there's some crossover, but not much. But I see this as a Chivas v Galaxy thing.How well marketing wise has he done with the Chivas Brand? And I'll say this, Chivas merchandise is actually kind of cool. Once again, I'm not schilling for anyone other than myself.

Garber is trying to draw on the past, and the marketing, to drum up more fans, and money for the league. Kind of what Chivas is (to a point) I have no issue with Chivas being in the league. In fact, and I'm not saying this because this is a Chivas blog, and I happen to be big fans of EVERY WRITER ON THIS BLOG, but the Cosmos aren't needed.

MLS 20 doesn't need to follow like LA2, NYC2 shouldn't happen. Garber has enough ex-NASL clubs back, San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, that's enough folks. I love the NASL, and begining to love the MLS, but no Cosmos. (and I'm a huge Cosmos fan). If you want to bring up another old NASL club, the Tampa Bay Rowdies are in the new NASL (don't get me started on that one).

Chivas has shown that it's hard to have two clubs in one market, and Chivas has done fairly well, I gotta give credit to the fans of the club, and the club on that one.

Folks, Chivas is what the new Cosmos would be, and I'm being nice, Chivas now is 100X better than what the new Cosmos would be. From the second that the Cosmos step on the field for the first time, they'll already be a shell of the old club.

Garber put a club in St. Louis, or back in Florida, (Orlando City would be great.).

I'm Stephen Brandt, and that's my view.

Warning: All content on this block will be unabashedly anti-Galaxy. If you show up here in a David Beckham replica jersey, we will mock you. Openly, and in Spanish.

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