Is it time for the MLS to tour Europe? Chivas Related

As fun as it is to see the big clubs come over to the states, with their B teams, how much is that helping grow the MLS? I'd say not really. Yeah it's nice that they come over, give some of the gate to the MLS teams, get some merchandise sales, and then leave. Once again, how much is this helping the MLS? Are the fans of the European teams watching the MLS and loving the league? Some maybe.

Now it's time for the MLS to go over to Europe. Think about it, the MLS clubs do travel in this hemisphere, and sometimes go to the Oceania region, but for the most part Europe has been ignored. Let's give the MLS a tour idea after the break.

I'm sure this has been thought of at MLS HQ. Any attempt to grow the game, has probably been talked about for a while up there. However, the proof is in the chocolate pudding. Have we seen teams go over recently? No, it's more of what big club can come over, make our boys look horrible, have an American vacation and not think about the MLS anymore. That's sad. I'm not saying the Chivas has to go over and play Man U or Liverpool, but they can go over and play other clubs. Even like the Timbers going over and playing Aston Villa (a club they have a lot of history with) would help out the MLS. Remember each of us, and the league have to do their best to grow the sport.

I don't pretend to know the finances of the MLS clubs, and I'm not sitting here saying that they are as wealthy as the European clubs. Lets face it, there's a lot of money over in Europe, that's how these clubs can take long tours each summer. I'm not saying Chivas has to spend a month touring Europe, but a good two week jaunt overseas would be great. Plus think of the scouting they could do. (It's easy for them to scout Latin and South America).

There's a whole pyramid of teams below the EPL, and many clubs lets be honest that Chivas would give a good game to. And Chivas isn't the only club that should go over. I'd say all but LA and NY should go to Europe. Think of it this way, go to the small towns or smaller clubs, like Fleetwood, or Gloucester City FC just to name a couple really tiny clubs, which would benefit from a club as big as Chivas coming over. And they are many levels below the EPL.

Or you want to go a level below the EPL, how about playing Bolton, Blackburn, Wolverhampton, or Nottingham Forest all big clubs in the history of England, but in a lower league. They all have supporter groups here in the states, and instead of making the club's come to the US, let's go there.

And that's just England. You could send Chivas to Italy, Portugal, Germany, Scotland, or Holland, and get some decent crowds over there. After all there's a some American players playing in the Dutch league. With our national team coach being German, and a German legend, sending a club or two into Germany wouldn't be a bad idea.

Is this another way out there idea? Probably. But, there's a lot of fans, and an MLS UK blog that shows, there are people out there, who want to watch the MLS, and with the time difference, it's hard for them to watch the league as much. Yeah, boo hoo, they get to see soccer all the time over there, but out league is better than some of the lower leagues over in Europe.

Warning: All content on this block will be unabashedly anti-Galaxy. If you show up here in a David Beckham replica jersey, we will mock you. Openly, and in Spanish.

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