Help Me Pick a Liga MX Team to Follow!

This team? I know that one guy. - David Becker

He's broadening his horizons, and asking for your help.

This has been a very strange offseason and I have to confess that I hardly feel prepared at all to follow Chivas USA in 2013. It's not for lack of trying. Following Jorge Vergara's implicit directive that I learn Spanish, I went out and bought Rosetta Stone (okay, in fact I cheaped out and purchased "Instant Immersion Spanish" off of eBay). "Cajas y cajas y cajas hoy!" I'm no Ricardo Montalban but hopefully I'm better than this guy.

Most importantly, my complete ignorance of Mexican league soccer (Liga MX) can no longer be abated. In order to keep up with Chivas and their new direction, I have got to familiarize myself with the league and learn the Mexican game. I have tried following leagues in the past and quite frankly, I have found it nearly impossible to follow any sport without a team to pull for; it's just not as much fun if you don't have a horse in the race. The obvious candidate would be Chivas de Guadalajara. Supporting one Vergara owned team is already taxing enough. Turns out, he's not too popular with the Gudadlajara fans either.

I could look at Wikipedia pages until I'm blue in the face. But then it dawned on me that some readers of this blog are incredibly knowledgeable about the Mexican game.

Therefore, I am imploring all of our readers to help me choose my Liga MX team. Please state the case for your team in the comments below or you can tweet me at @mhoff.

Here is some of my criteria for picking a side:


I want a team that's good enough to show up on television* from time to time. It's no fun rooting for a team you never get to see. But I don't want to bandwagon (i.e. think Yankees, Manchester United, etc.). Nor am I wanting to bet on a surefire relegation target (they do have relegation in Liga MX, right?).

*I have the Cox Starter pack for what it's worth, Telefutura, Univision, and Galavision all are (apparently) in my tier.


If and when I get to Mexico, I'd like to be able to go to the stadium and take in a game. I'm not sure how much of a constraint this really is. Loud and passionate fans and a good stadium experience are definite pluses.

Cool Jerseys/Logos

i.e. the opposite of this.

Yanks Abroad

An American player is a plus but only if he's getting first team action (read: Herculez Gomez, not Jonathan Bornstein).

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance. I look forward to your comments!

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