"What the Flock?!" Interviews Oswaldo Minda

Minda was taking in the preseason action. - Glyconerd

Why isn't he on the field? He gives us an update on his situation.

On Saturday, Chivas USA held their first preseason scrimmage of 2013, and "What the Flock?!" was there. One of the spectators of the match was a very familiar face to Chivas USA fans: Oswaldo Minda. The Ecuadorian has not been training with the club, and his status is a bit uncertain at the moment. We asked Oswaldo about his situation, and he was kind enough to answer our questions. You can also read our interview with Chivas USA coach Chelis, also from Saturday.

Below is the English translation of the interview.

What The Flock: Hi friends this is Glyconerd, I'm here with Chivas USA midfielder Oswaldo Minda. How's everything going Oswaldo?

Oswaldo Minda: Hello. Here, thank God, enjoying the city, the nice weather.

WTF: You played a holding midfielder role for Robin Fraser last year. What does your future hold at Chivas USA?

Minda: Well, right now I'm in a moment of uncertainty because I need to try to play. I've spoken with the coach, he obviously wants to count on my services, but the problem is with the front office management regarding my salary. My situation is not clear yet, whether I'm going to continue here or return to my country or elsewhere. Now it's just a matter of waiting in the next few days. All of this is due to the new structure of Chivas USA to have a lower budget and to count on more young players within the club.

WTF: Hopefully that can be worked out and we see you commanding from midfield again. Tell us a little bit about last season. We had a hard time, 35 different lineups, did that affect your showing in the team?

Minda: Personally, I think I showed a good level, that's why I've constantly been in the national team mix for my country. Thank God I had an exceptional showing. Those are things that happen in football, they are decisions for the coach, sometimes they seek what's better for the team and sometimes it doesn't work out. Hopefully things work out for the team and we'll have a good season.

WTF: Good luck with everything. Last question, let's keep it light. What is your favorite newly discovered food in Los Angeles?

Minda: Oh boy! I've eaten everything here. It's always nice to look for places that serve food similar to your countries. I've eaten at Mexican places, tacos, hamburgers, it's food we're not used to in my country. All very good food, really. I've had it good all season.

WTF: Thank you and good luck.

Minda: Thank you, a hug for the fans.

What do you think? Leave a comment below or let us know what you think on twitter (@whattheflockpod)!

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