Liga MX Highlights (Both in Real Life and in FIFA 13)

"Aagh! Landon Donovan kicked a ball at us!!" Club Tijuana had a bad weekend. - Kent Horner

Mixing reality and virtuality!

It was a pretty decent run of form for my teams in Liga MX Round 7. Club Tijuana--Edgar Castillo most notably--are obviously hurting from last week's humbling 2-1 loss to short-handed Club America, lost 2-0 in a rather flat effort. Toluca avenged the Xolos beating America 2-1, meanwhile Club Leon FC defeated the listless, possibly relegation-bound San Luis outfit.

Leon has floundered at the bottom of the table since running third last season. Part of their trouble is their style of play--it's as they were the Phoenix Suns and they were playing Jason Kidd, Steve Nash and Kevin Johnson all at the same time! The aesthetic of this open, free-wheeling attack is beautiful but it's the sort of attack that must score because they leave their defense entirely exposed to a well placed counter-attack.

Thankfully for Leon there is San Luis. Check out the team running to and embracing their embattled coach following Edwin Hernandez's golazo.

Yes, that was indeed Rafa Marquez. Being the first to leave the huddle, I'm sure he'll be getting a call from Chelis if he hasn't already.

Because of the latest makeover at Chivas USA, it's a really good thing I've discovered the Mexican game. With the departures of James Riley and Ben Zemanski via trades it's pretty hard to play the Rojiblanco on FIFA 13 even if I were to consider Rauwshan McKenzie and Shalrie Joseph actually on the team, like the Chivas USA roster suggests. Well when one door closes, another opens. I got the chance to test drive some Liga MX squads against the hated* Seattle Sounders and I had a lot of fun as you can see below.

*(Matt hates the Sounders - the rest of The Goat Parade's staff does not. - Ed)


How do you like that? Right out of the gate, a crushing tackle from behind.

Club Leon:

I'm pretty sure Michael Gspurning will petition to take this video down. Down 2-nil with ten minutes to go, Leon FC rallies for the equalizer behind this golazo.


Who doesn't want to see the goalkeeper mount the charge. Unfortunately, he got cocky.

They also score from a pretty sweet free kick.

Santos Laguna:

This one, well, this was just a fun goal.

So, who's ready to play?

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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