Juan Agudelo says he was traded because of Chivas USA's "money troubles"

Agudelo: Traded because of "money troubles" - Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

Agudelo adds more fuel to the "underinvestment" fire.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, and nearly all of them are soccer podcasts (thus revealing the depths of my soccer nerddom), and sometimes I get a backlog and have to listen to shows late. I bring this up because I was getting around to listening to the MLSsoccer.com's ExtraTime Radio episodes, and heard a pretty interesting interview with former Chivas USA forward Juan Agudelo from last Monday's episode.

Agudelo discusses his time at Chivas and the situation surrounding the trade, fairly candidly. Among other points, he gushes about Chelís, not in the standard "enthusiasm" most athletes express towards their coach regardless of their feelings, but in a way that appears to be quite genuine. He also says at one point that he was happy at Chivas.

But the key quote to me is the one concerning the circumstances of the trade itself. Although Agudelo had previously stated the likely cause of his trade to the New England Revolution was because he was not willing to re-sign with Chivas USA, he adds an additional detail (and quite a kicker):

I think it was mainly due to the fact that they realized my lack of interest to re-sign with Chivas a few weeks before the trade went down. And I just thought a business decision, and I think it was a decision they needed to make because they were having money troubles (emphasis added).

Hmm...more evidence that Chivas USA is being run on the cheap, seemingly because of "money troubles." By now, it is pretty obvious that the team is not receiving a competitive amount of investment from the owners, and the stasis that the team appeared to be in prior to Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes taking over has only gotten worse. What a great feeling.

To add a new wrinkle to the story, we have a pretty good sense of just how much Allocation money Chivas got in the trade. Last night, during the broadcast of the Chivas USA-Real Salt Lake match, RSL color commentator Brian Dunseth noted during the broadcast that Chivas got the absolute minimum in Allocation money permitted by MLS in the deal, which Zac Rigg notes in his article on Goal.com today to be $75,000. So Chivas dumped Agudelo's guaranteed compensation of $175,000, and got a not-so-cool $75,000 back, which they likely then moved on straight away.

Of course, Chivas USA did finally trade for a player last week, and arguably gave up way too much (a 1st round SuperDraft pick and Allocation money) for him, but one trade does not erase the growing perception, aided by the words of a recently departed player, that this team simply does not have enough money being put into it.

The interview (available on the website and on iTunes) begins at about the 29:00 mark, and concludes at about the 39:45 point, if you are interested in listening to the whole thing.

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