Report: Chivas, Chivas USA to swap Cubo Torres, Giovani Casillas, Julio Morales, Eric Avila

Avila: About to make a big move South? - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas USA could be set to really fulfill that "farm team" tag.

Remember when we got word not too long ago that Chivas USA is basically a farm team for Chivas de Guadalajara? It appears the next phase in that story may be upon us, as reports in the Spanish-language press claim a variety of moves concerning the two teams ahead of Liga MX's 2013 Apertura season beginning next month.

You may be aware that Chivas de Guadalajara are currently training in Southern California, something that includes the complimentary* note that the Home Depot Center^ is "world class" but Chivas is also looking to build a squad for next season, and they have not been very good of late.

* Of course, remember that the stadium is owned by the owners of the LA Galaxy, and Chivas USA continues to just rent from them (aka, the fans haven't forgotten about the multiple promises concerning a stadium).

^ The name of the stadium changed officially to Stub Hub Center, but whatevs.

Three Chivas USA players, Eric Avila, Gabriel Farfan and Giovani Casillas, trained with Chivas de Guadalajara last week. Since Chivas USA had a bye week anyway, it made sense on a certain level, right?

Well, now comes speculation that Avila and Casillas may be on their way to Guadalajara for next season. Both ESPN Deportes (Spanish) and Medio Tiempo (Spanish) are reporting today that the pair may be joining the Mexican club. Adding to the speculation is the fact that Avila tweeted about participating in preseason training yesterday, while Chivas USA also arrived in North Carolina for Wednesday's U.S. Open Cup match against the Carolina RailHawks yesterday. Although it is somehow possible Avila could have traveled, it seems unlikely.

On top of the possible departures of Avila and Casillas, the same Medio Tiempo article also claimed Chivas USA forward Julio Morales will return to Guadalajara following his service with Mexico's U-20 World Cup squad, which runs this month and next.

Both the ESPN Deportes and Medio Tiempo articles claim that the only makeweight in the deals would be Erick Torres coming to Chivas USA, something we wrote about last Thursday.

Of course, these are still in the rumor phase, although they seem plausible to me. I figured Casillas wouldn't stay around long, and while Morales has hardly played for Chivas USA, I am not entirely surprised that they would be recalled since they came from Guadalajara originally.

I would be quite a bit more surprised to see Avila leave MLS altogether and go to Mexico, although he has been one of Chivas USA's better players this season and if the objective of Chivas USA is to feed Chivas de Guadalajara, then it stands to reason that a move for a Mexican American who hasn't played for the U.S. Men's National Team, like Avila, is fair game.

And like I said last week, I'd be willing to take a flyer on Torres, whose career stock has plummeted but who still has considerable promise. Of course, if he did come to Chivas USA and start playing well, I'm sure he'd go right back to Guadalajara at the first possible moment.

Of course, we'll see if there's more to this story and these particular players. Stay tuned.

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