Dennis te Kloese confirms Eric Avila, Giovani Casillas "likely" headed to Chivas de Guadalajara

Avila: Good while it lasted - Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Like a player? Well, if he's eligible for Guadalajara's team, he won't be long for Chivas USA.

Lest you think that media reports are always inaccurate, earlier rumors that some Chivas USA players will be headed to Chivas de Guadalajara have been confirmed, at least in part, by Chivas USA and Chivas de Guadalajara sporting president Dennis te Kloese. Speaking after the press conference today unveiling Jose Luis Real as Chivas USA's head coach, Blair Angulo reports on that te Kloese confirmed that Chivas USA midfielders Eric Avila and Giovani Casillas are "pretty likely" headed to Chivas de Guadalajara for the upcoming Liga MX season.

As I discussed in an earlier article about the rumors, it makes complete sense for Casillas to return back to Guadalajara, but the notion that Avila's going too is still shocking in many respects. But here's what te Kloese said about the move:

"It would be an enormous boost for both Chivas USA and MLS if either one or both players ended up winning a roster spot in a club like Guadalajara."

As you can imagine, that sentiment is not sitting well with Chivas USA fans, or should I say fans-who-don't-want-Chivas-USA-to-be-a-mere-farm-team-for-Chivas-de-Guadalajara. Nor should it, frankly. While I understand the theoretical appeal of having MLS players go to "better" leagues (and I do think Liga MX is a higher quality league than MLS), the notion that Avila will go to Guadalajara is the latest in Jorge Vergara's plan to suck Chivas USA dry and let it die an undignified death.

And as Chivas USA haters always point out, how does this make Chivas USA look? The team is absolutely doomed if the squad is nearly 60% eligible for Chivas de Guadalajara, and the best players of that lot are poached to go to the Mexican club, with subpar players coming back in return.

Plus, it does make MLS look bad, if one of the member clubs uses its team like a minor league affiliate.

Angulo's article said that an announcement would likely be coming in a matter of days (so, let's call it 4 weeks based on how this club operates), so we'll keep you posted on any developments.

Also, no word on the respective futures of Chivas USA forward Julio Morales and Chivas de Guadalajara forward Erick Torres, yet.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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