Chivatown Post: Back in the Win Column Edition

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

More responses to HBO's Real Sports, news from the U.S. soccer pyramid, a Chivas de Guadalajara update and more.

It’s not good to be a club that has more said about its off-the-field matters versus its on-field performances. Any positive step gets ignored by other matters. We’ve talked more of what some interpret to be a sensationalist HBO documentary on Chivas USA’s alleged discriminatory hiring practices, than about its recent win and improved form.

For the record, just about anything with Gustavo Arellano commenting on it reeks of sensationalism to me. There’s the "Colbert Report," his column, and now "Real Sports," just to name a few things.

In response to the HBO issue, Paco Palencia also spoke with ESPN’s Futbol Picante. Palencia stated that if employees are asked to speak Spanish, it’s for their personal betterment. And honestly, that works for me, particularly when working in a diverse region of this country like Los Angeles, where Spanish is spoken regularly.

Incidentally, the Univision network has the highest TV ratings for the last week of June, nationwide. This is now a common trend for this network in this day and age.

Was there discrimination at the academy and scouting level at Chivas USA prior to Vergara’s takeover? Yes, according to what Palencia told ESPN (at the 12:35 mark). Palencia stated that former academy players were brought back because they weren’t wanted on the first team. We that follow this team can substantiate that claim. Where’s Luis Silva? Where did the others go? And who was in charge of Chivas USA scouting back then?

I can spend more time debunking and countering on this topic but I think I’ve given it too much than it really merits.

Still, Jorge Vergara will chime in on the matter this Sunday morning on Republica Deportiva, according to what announcer Diego Balado said during the US vs. Honduras semifinal.

All of these extra-soccer matters, the blimps, accusations or what have you, must make it difficult on the players, those that we say we support. No other teams in MLS have had to deal with such sensationalism, biased referees and more. But you know what? No hay mal que por bien no venga (positives can be taken from all of this negativity). That Chivas grinded out a win, down to 10 men, is a testament to the character of this club, in spite of everything the world throws at them, at us, to wish or force us away. But the bashing has only forged a strong Chivas core, and will continue to do so.

In other news, D.C. United has announced a stadium plan in Washington, DC. That leaves the New England Revolution, Chivas and New York City FC as the only MLS teams without a concrete stadium building plan.

Sacramento gets a team in the USL Pro league, and the NASL approves an expansion to Jacksonville and Oklahoma City.

Chivas de Guadalajara opened up their Copa MX participation with a win over Liga de Ascenso side Necaxa. Chivas begins Liga Bancomer MX play at Chiapas FC this Saturday.

In Spain, Gerardo Martino is named Barcelona’s skipper.

Jonathan dos Santos, Giovani’s brother, may join ex-Chiva Carlos Vela at Real Sociedad.

Until next time.

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