Three Questions: Houston Dynamo vs. Chivas USA

Stephen Dunn

Your look behind enemy lines

We are pleased to be joined by Alicia Tolar of the Houston Dynamo blog Dynamo Theory for a Three Questions segment for the two teams match up this weekend. Thank you Alicia for your time and your acknowledgement of the art that is facial hair!

Check out the Dynamo Theory blog for our responses to their questions!

1. The Dynamo are currently atop the Group 1 leader board in the CONCACAF Champions League. Tell us about your group. Is Houston a better team than Araba Unido and W. Connection F.C?

AT: The Dynamo should come out of the group on top. So far have drawn on the road against W. Connection and won at home against Araba Unido. Araba Unido is currently ranked 8th in their league while W. Connection is number one in their domestic league. Which helps to explain where the teams are in this group. The match against W. Connection was a much tougher one than the one against Araba Unido. Our defense has also not been as strong as it has been in past years and the speed of the teams outside of the U.S. can pose a problem.

CCL is not a competition that Kinnear places a high value on and Dynamo fans have become accustomed to that. The line-ups typically consist of our bench players with some of our regular starters mixed in and coming in to the match off the bench. As the team gets further into the competition, more first team players start games. But in the end MLS Cup is what matters.

2. How are you feeling about the Adam Moffat trade? Was this strictly a salary cap move or does Dominic Kinnear see a potential diamond-in-the rough in Servando Carrasco?

AT: Emotionally it was painfully, however, on the field I think it was a move with great potential. The Bearded One has not had a strong year. His play would go one of two ways- really, really good with Moffat bombs that either scored goals or appeared horrid. Fans preferred the first Moffat and would often overlook his bad play for the redeeming Moffat bombs.

I don't think the move had much to do with the salary cap. This team is beginning to age and it needs to start looking to the future. Carrasco is that look. He played in our match the day after the trade against Philadelphia which showed just how much Kinnear thinks of him. He was an early second half sub and showed a lot of skill, potential, and a little facial hair so not all was lost.

3. With Moffat gone is it a given that Ricardo Clark will shift back to a more defensive/holding role? Do you believe that change might be able to spark the sluggish Dynamo offense?

AT: It depends on who he is paired with but, yes; He works best when paired with an attacking midfielder. In our last game against the Union he was paired with Barnes and you could see a huge difference in the midfield. It greatly improved the link up play between our midfield and our forwards and it took pressure off of the defense. Clark is happy to sit back as a defensive mid while his partner works up the field.

It already seemed to improve the offense in the last game, however, that hasn't been our biggest problem. That has come from our inability to land goals. Bruin has been wretched this season and can't seem to keep the ball down this season. If we could get a lead weight in the ball for the games we would be stellar.

Starting xi?

This one is tricky because it depends on what the injury report says.

Tally The Wall Hall

Creavalle, Boswell, Taylor, Sarkodie

Garcia, Clark, Barnes, Davis,

Weaver, Bruin

What do you think? Leave thoughts, comments and suggestions below!

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