Preseason: Chivas USA defeat Real Salt Lake 1-0 in scrimmage

Bofo has some scoring in those boots yet, apparently. - Chris McGrath

Bofo scored a goal!

Chivas USA hosted Real Salt Lake this morning in a closed-door preseason scrimmage between the two sides. The Goats got the better of their MLS rival, winning 1-0 behind a goal from Adolfo Bautista. Yep, Bofo, who scored in the 11th minute from a free kick.

The game was divided into three segments. Here was Chivas' lineup to start the game:

Tim Melia; Andrew Ribeiro, Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Fejiro Okiomah, Michael Nwiloh; Carlos Borja, Carlos Alvarez, Kris Tyrpak, Bryan de la Fuente, Carlo Chueca, Bofo

Obviously, everybody in that group is on the roster except for draft picks Nwiloh and Tyrpak. It's looking more likely by the week that some or all of the draft picks will be offered contracts by the team (though there's still plenty of time in the preseason for things to happen).

To start the second segment, "Trialist #1" replaced Melia at 'keeper, likely Larry Jackson.

In the 44th minute, Caleb Calvert came in for de la Fuente, "Trialist #2" entered for Chueca, and "Trialist #3" came in for Borja.

The next sub was in the 58th minute, when U-23 player Jacob Barron came in for Tyrpak.

To start the third segment, this was Chivas' lineup:

Dan Kennedy; Eric Avila, Bobby Burling, Carlos Bocanegra, Tony Lochhead; Mauro Rosales, "Trialist #2", Oswaldo Minda, Thomas McNamara; Erick Torres, Matthew Fondy

I'm guessing Marky Delgado and Donny Toia are injured, as they didn't play today, and Delgado has yet to play in a preseason game.

Chivas got a free kick opportunity in the 10th minute when RSL defender Carlos Salcedo picked up a foul on the edge of the box. Bofo scored a minute later off the free kick. RSL had a goal disallowed in the 22nd minute due to an offside call. Minda, Burling, and Cubo all drew yellows in the game.

You can read the full recap from the team here.

The result means Chivas have a 2-0-1 record in preseason games this year. Of course, it is preseason, so don't get worked up about the results, since they count for literally nothing and it's all prep for when the games do start meaning something.

RSL fans needed to be reminded of that fact as well, apparently:

Chivas' next preseason game is Sunday against the Colorado Rapids in Las Vegas. Will you be at the game? Let us know!

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