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Your source for Chivas USA news and notes

Chivatown Post-Mortem Edition


Much went wrong in between the beginning and the end of Chivas USA. We discuss some of the reactions emerging from the news, and ponder what might have been.

Chivatown Post: From Chivas to... Leones?


The recently revealed Los Angeles FC / SC concepts share a color scheme with another club associated with Vergara, plus news from around the U.S., CONCACAF and CONMEBOL.

Chivatown Post: Goats moving to Titan Stadium?


In our latest roundup of Chivas USA news and beyond, Chivas prepare for the Arizona Desert Diamond Cup, there's a new vacancy for a pro soccer club at Cal State Fullerton's Titan Stadium, and Jorge...

Day 1 preseason news and notes


Chivas USA started the preseason Monday. We have the roundup of all the news and notes regarding the Goats.

Chivatown Post: Waiting for the preseason edition


We recap the latest news on Chivas USA in our roundup, including videos of some future players.

Chivatown Post: Player Haters Edition


We wrap up recent stories on Chivas USA, which of late have been of the familiar "fold or move the team" formula.

Chivatown Post: 2013 MLS Playoffs Preview Edition


In the last Chivatown Post of 2013, we look at all of the championship titles that all 10 of this year's MLS playoff teams have acquired throughout their histories. Also, how soon can Chivas USA...

Chivatown Post: The What’s Salvageable? Edition


Chivas USA experienced some positives off the field with a new vision for the academy and the signing of academy players to build a foundation for the future.

Chivatown Post: Reality Check Edition


Chivas USA must end the season strongly in order not to set the second-worst record in the history of the franchise, the latest What the Flock?! podcast is up, and fans want to know what the best...

Chivatown Post: 2013 LA Classic Finale Edition


We sum up Chivas USA's season, taking the good with the bad while identifying weak points that Chivas will have to improve on from now until next season.

Chivatown Post: The Magic No. 9 Edition


Chivas USA have not won more than 8 games since 2009. Can they make it 9, maybe 10, to end this season strong? The entire organization needs at least 9 wins to show a small, but upward trend.

Chivatown Post: Front Office Shakeup Edition


Chivas USA continue to clean house from top to bottom.

The U.S. repeats history, can Mexico do the same?


History repeats itself in the U.S. - Mexico soccer rivalry and Mexico is forced to repeat historical dominance over Panama and Costa Rica. But times have changed and does Mexico have the quality to...

Chivas in UEFA Champions League


Chivas is represented in European competition through ex-Goats from both sides of the border.

Chivatown Post: Bullfighting Edition


Chivas USA pulls off the upset of the week, the guys at What the Flock do it again, and another branch of the Chivas USA Academy begins to sprout.

Chivas USA are more LA than the Galaxy


Despite the many criticisms of Chivas USA's player personnel policies this year, believe it or not, the club not only is among the league leaders in number of American starters, but they have the...

Chivatown Post: The Blame Game Edition


Who's to blame for the crisis at Chivas in Mexico and the US? A former coach speaks out while Vergara deflects any blame.

Chivatown Post: Seeing Red Edition


With playoff hopes all but gone, some Chivas USA players look willing to throw the rest of the season out the window along with all dignity and class.

Chivatown Post: Fear the Future Edition


The Chivas USA U-23 squad wins a state championship. Is Chivas USA on the right track? Is a Chivas USL team on the horizon as part of player development?

Chivatown Post: Back in the Win Column Edition


One writer's take on HBO's Real Sports, and news from the U.S., Mexico and Spain.

Chivatown Post: Boca & Cubo Debut Edition


In this week's news roundup, we go over that post-victory glow for Chivas USA, plus some goings-on in Mexico and Spain.

Chivatown Post: Chicano Milestone Edition


Chivas USA look more and more like a true Rebaño Angelino with the fielding of more Chicanos, and the Chivas Academy produces more results (and players) by the day.

Chivatown Post: Landmark Bocanegra Signing Edition


Carlos Bocanegra is signed and announced before the July 9 Transfer Window, more players to come. We wrap up the latest news on that front.

Chivatown Post: June Clasico Edition


Getting you up-to-date on Chivas USA news, the SuperClasico edition of the Chivatown Post is here!

Chivatown Post: Family Feud Edition


In the latest news round-up, we go over some of the recent developments in the Chivas USA/Chivas de Guadalajara merger, CUSA players moving south, and more!

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