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How they scored: Cubo, DK's flub & Seattle's skill

We continue our breakdown of Chivas USA's 2-1 loss to the Seattle Sounders by looking at each of the goals scored in the match, and figuring out who to credit/blame for the Goats.

10 Observations: CUSA vs Sounders

Coming off Chivas USA's loss on Saturday to the Seattle Sounders, we discuss 10 observations coming out of the match.

Tactical Talk: High line dooms CUSA once again?

Chivas USA lost 2-1 over the weekend to the Seattle Sounders. In our tactical examination of the loss, we discuss the various mistakes that led to the winning goal for the visitors.

Cabrera slams referees - fair or foul?

Chivas USA head coach Wilmer Cabrera went into conspiracy theory territory after his team lost to the Seattle Sounders on Saturday. We go over his comments about the officiating and ask readers whether he's right.

Aw geez: Chivas USA 1, Seattle Sounders 2

Chivas USA lost 2-1 to the Seattle Sounders on Saturday, in a mistake-filled match by the hosts. We go over the result.

Gamethread: Chivas USA vs. Seattle Sounders

Discuss Chivas USA's game vs. the Seattle Sounders here!

Preview: Chivas USA vs. Seattle Sounders

Chivas USA host the Seattle Sounders on Saturday evening in MLS regular season action. We preview the game, and discuss each side's chances of winning.

Rumor: CUSA's new owners to be announced soon?

There's a report from the Mexican press that Chivas USA's next owner is in place and will be announced in a few months, among other matters. We go over the report.

McNamara tears ACL, likely out for season

Chivas USA announced the prognosis for Chivas USA midfielder Thomas McNamara, who suffered a knee injury last weekend. We go over the unfortunate news.

Week 7 Scouting Report: Seattle Sounders

Chivas USA take on the Seattle Sounders on Saturday. Ahead of the match, we break down what's working for the Goats' opponent, what isn't, and what Chivas might do with their lineup.


Chivas USA vs. Seattle Sounders: Three Questions

Ahead of Chivas USA's game on Saturday against the Seattle Sounders, we check in with Dave Clark concerning the latest with the Sounders.

Chivas USA sign midfielder Matt Dunn

Chivas USA announced the acquisition of midfielder Matt Dunn through the waiver draft on Thursday. We go over the news.

Zavaleta ineligible to play the Sounders

Chivas USA defender Eriq Zavaleta is ineligible to play the Seattle Sounders this year, as part of the MLS Roster Rules regarding intraleague loans. We go over the implications for this week's match.

How they scored: Passing good, defending? Nope

In our latest installment of How They Scored, we break down the goals in Chivas USA's last game, this time a 1-1 draw.

Tactical Talk: No surprise, Bofo needs time

Chivas USA may have the veteran Bofo Bautista on their team, but his impact has been minimal so far. Still, we argue that shouldn't be a surprise, nor should it mean he can't come good as the season progresses.

CUSA announce signing of Michael Nwiloh

Chivas USA announced the signing of their last 2014 MLS SuperDraft selections on Monday. We go over the news.

10 Observations: CUSA vs. Timbers

Coming off Chivas USA's 1-1 draw against the Portland Timbers, we go over 10 of our observations from the match. Fear the #McMullet, indeed.

Coming back: CUSA 1, Timbers 1

Chivas USA tied the Portland Timbers on the road on Saturday. We go over the result, and discuss some of the main points coming out of the game.

Gamethread: CUSA vs. Portland Timbers

Your source to discuss Chivas USA game Saturday evening against the Portland Timbers.

Preview: Portland Timbers vs. Chivas USA

Chivas USA take on the Portland Timbers Saturday evening. We preview the game, and discuss each side's chances of winning.

Week 6 scouting report: Portland Timbers

Chivas USA take on the Portland Timbers on Saturday. Ahead of the game, we look at the Timbers' game, and figure out what might be key to a win for the Goats.

Comparing 2014 MLS team spending

With the annual MLS salary figure information released by the Players Union this week, we compare the figures between teams and discuss one pattern that has emerged.

Chivas USA acquire midfielder Martin Rivero

Chivas USA announced they have acquired midfielder Martin Rivero from the Colorado Rapids. We go over the news and discuss the potential risks and rewards for this move for the Goats.

Chivas USA's salary figures released

The MLS Players Union released salary figures for 2014 on Thursday. We go over the numbers for Chivas USA.

Chivas USA confirm signing of Lyle Martin

Chivas USA confirmed the signing of Lyle Martin on Thursday, but there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the move. We explain.

Chivas USA waive Dani Fragoso, Andrew Ribeiro

Chivas USA announced on Thursday that they have waived two newcomers, Dani Fragoso and Andrew Ribeiro. We go over the news, and discuss what may be next for the club.

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