Which Center Backs Performed Best for Chivas USA?

What's to come from the recent shake up Chivas's central defenders? The statistics indicate that coach Robin Fraser may have messed with a good thing over the course of the season.

Agudelo needs to be played in his natural position

Juan Agudelo was acquired with much fanfare. At the close of the season, he's netted just two goals and Chivas USA has packed one of the most woeful scoring punches in MLS history. It's time to use Agudelo properly to reach his full potential.

Chivas USA are being outplayed. We give examples.

Chivas USA is officially out of the playoffs. Can the team rally to finish like champions or will the team's disintegration put the team in the MLS record book?

Chivas USA's Home Woes Epitomize 2012 Season

Chivas USA have been dreadful at home in 2012, which goes a long way to explaining their difficulties this season.

Playoffs? Are You Kidding Me, the Playoffs?! Believe It!

"Impossible is nothing" --MLS sponsor adidas' 2006 World Cup slogan Despite being last in the league in the most important offensive category (say it with me now: goals!), Chivas USA actually...

Diminishing Returns

The Law of Diminishing Returns is an Economic principle that, stated simply, says there comes a point where you have put too expand one resource, but keep the others constant, your production will...

Can A Goalkeeper Who Allowed Four Goals Be the Man of the Match?

Dan Kennedy allowed four goals against the LA Galaxy--the third time all year he has been in the posts with that scoreline. Yet, his performance (he made 8 spectacular saves) deserves mention despite Donovan's career-best 4 assists.


In 2013 every MLS playe will be tracked by the adidas MiCoach Elite System. However the system when unveiled at this year's All-Star didn't really provide the useful information adidas has promised with it being the advent of "smart soccer."

Ryan Smith and the Dribble Drive Offense

When acquiring Ryan Smith, Robin Fraser spoke of a new dimension the Englishman adds to Chivas USA. Indeed Ryan Smith's ability to--to borrow a basketball term--to "dribble, drive and dish" has become a reliable staple of the Goats' offense.

Talking Tactics--the Four Point Edition

We discuss recent tactical observations and trends in Chivas USA's league play. How are they getting results?

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